4 Smart Reasons Why You Should Do Your Own Taxes

When you get your W-2 in the mail each year, it might fill you with a bit of dread. It’s time to call your accountant, wait in line some Tuesday night in March, and pay out a hefty chunk of your refund just to get someone to type your income and taxes paid into some computer software program. It all seems like a waste of time and money, with a thankless reward of handing over a check to the government at the end of it all.

5 Ways to Control Emotional Spending

Sometimes it may seem like shopping has become America’s favorite pastime. With advertising popping up everywhere—from TV to billboards to city buses— shopping seems to be everywhere. Advertisers spend billions of dollars annually convincing us that products can make us feel successful, prevent us from being bored, help us attract a partner, and a myriad of other things. With ads carefully designed to manipulate our spending habits, it’s no wonder so many people have become emotional spenders.

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How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck in 8 Steps

Does it feel like your paycheck is gone the moment you get it? Here’s how to break that vicious cycle.

Are you stuck in the all-too-common habit of living paycheck to paycheck? You don’t need me to tell you that’s a self-defeating cycle. You simply can’t get ahead that way.

But escaping isn’t easy, especially if your paycheck is tight. Change involves not just the hard work of making a new habit, but also changing your ways of thinking.

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How To Get Your Finances Organized

Fall is here, and perhaps you’re realizing that you spent more than you intended over the summer. Time to get organized as the holidays are approaching!

While it may be tempting to wait for the new year to “start new”, don’t hold off. Start now, go ahead and take the necessary steps to overcome the financial stress you may be experiencing.

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5 Secrets to Creating a Budget

Everyone knows, budgeting sounds like a bore. But it’s a very necessary step to totally owning your financial situation, and if you have no idea where your money is going every month, you might find yourself over drafting, overspending, and therefore, over-stressing. And who wants to live life like that? If you’re a budgeting beginner, here is where to start in five easy steps.

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Free Finance Counseling Comes to Patchogue-Medford Library in April, May

What are your money goals – big or small? Are they as big as hoping to buy a house, or as small as balancing how much money to set aside for groceries versus going out to restaurants? No matter the objective, Patchogue-Medford Library is hosting a series of personalized, one-on-one financial counseling sessions that can help you accomplish these ideas as part of the Money for Life program.

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