Employers and EAPs

Our Partner Program has proven to be a valuable resource for many companies and employer assistance providers. This program will answer financial questions for your employees and help them manage their money; which positively impacts your business. As a Partner, DMCC will extend all of its free counseling services, and discounts on its fee based services, to all of your referrals, including your employees, customers, their families and friends. Dedicated website landing pages and source codes will be established to track your referrals, and ensure they receive the free and discounted services they are entitled to. Available benefits to your employees include:

Free Services Discounted Services
Budget Counseling Loan Qualification Assistance
Student Loan Counseling Identity Protecting and Credit Monitoring
Foreclosure Prevention (Loan Modifications) Debt Management Plans
First-Time Homebuyer Assistance Payday Loan Repayment Plans
Online Financial Education Materials Student Loan Consolidation
Online Financial Literacy Courses Reverse Mortgage Counseling
Educational Newsletters Bankruptcy Counseling & Education

As an added benefit, DMCC will provide educational seminars at your place of business, if desired. We can construct an educational program that will assist your employees learn more about managing money and dealing with financial issues, so that their personal financial stresses do not affect the quality of their work. Seminars will be conducted by DMCC certified credit counselors for no charge at your locations in Florida. Outside of Florida, we ask that you reimburse us for our travel costs. We can help your employees learn more about:

Understanding Credit Budgeting Identity Theft
Options for Debt Relief Leasing or Buying a New Car Credit Reports and Scores
Purchasing a Home Avoiding foreclosure



Allow us to improve the performance of your employees. Call 866-724-3328 to speak to our Education Department or email us at education@dmcconline.org.