Schools and Universities

Since 2002, DMCC has provided quality education to high school and college students on financial, credit and debt issues in order to promote healthy financial habits. Through our online financial literacy course and seminars at schools and universities, we teach students about real world financial issues that they will encounter to help them make good financial decisions and avoid mistakes.

A core component of our student education program is our proprietary online financial literacy course titled “Debt, Money & Credit Concepts“. This course may be utilized by teachers with or without DMCC’s participation, and may be assigned to students for completion over specified periods of time either within or outside the classroom. Teachers desiring to use this course as part of their curriculum are able to administer assignments and monitor each student’s progress and test grades online. Students who successfully complete the course are presented a Certificate of Completion. There is no cost to the schools or teachers for using this course.

DMCC certified credit counselors are also available to teach financial seminars at school locations, which may be extended to include parents, if desired. Our seminar curriculum focuses on the importance of good credit, how to obtain it and the opportunities it creates. These seminars are often the only financial education some students receive before entering the work force and being faced with real financial decisions. Students have shown great enthusiasm for these seminars, proving them to be a valuable learning experience. Seminars are conducted by DMCC for no charge at schools in the State of Florida. Outside of Florida, we ask to be reimbursed for our travel costs.

To learn more about this partnering program, please contact our Education Department at 866-724-3328 or email us at