Thrifty Spending Issue 103: Did you know…

…offers to repair your credit can be a rip off?

Credit repair agencies enjoy soliciting their special industry knowledge and insights, and people often assume these firms can do things that individuals can’t.

Consumers are led to believe that credit repair firms know loopholes in the law and that if you take advantage of these loopholes, you can get things off your credit report.  But what credit repair firms know, is no secret. Consumers have access to the same information and can take the same steps to do what these firms do, for free.

One place to start is the FTC’s page on credit repair. The FTC provides step by step instructions for consumers to repair their own credit as well as get familiar with their rights.  Consumers can also get their free annual credit reports at and a free “credit report card,” based on their Experian credit report.


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