Repay Only 50% of Your Debt!

Our Debt Reduction Program allows qualified clients with eligible accounts1 to repay only 50% of their outstanding balances over a 36-month period with no interest or creditor fees.

50% Debt Reduction

0% Interest

One Low Payment for 36 Months

No Collection Calls

Unlike debt settlement programs widely marketed by for profit companies and attorney networks, this Debt Reduction Program is backed by the participating creditors who are agreeing in advance to forgive 50% of the enrolled account balances upon successful completion.

Creditor Approved Program - No collection calls, legal actions or fees while enrolled.

And the fees you pay to DMCC for servicing a Debt Reduction Program plan will be significantly less than what you will have to pay to a for-profit company for a debt settlement program.

If you are delinquent on your credit card accounts and cannot afford the required minimum monthly payments, this program may be the answer you are looking for. Contact DMCC today to see if you are able to qualify and take advantage of this exciting new program.

1 Accounts must be 4+ months past due with a participating creditor.

NY Times Article July 5, 2019

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