Rental Assistance

If you are past due on your monthly housing rent or utilities, DMCC certified counselors can help you obtain funds to pay the past due amounts. Although DMCC itself does not provide such funds, our certified counselors can identify grant funds that you may be eligible for and help you apply for them.

Funds are currently available from the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program to help consumers maintain housing during the Covid pandemic. Eligibility requirements include loss of income or occurrence of a financial hardship due to the pandemic, household income limitations and a demonstrated risk of housing instability (including past due rent and eviction notices).

For more information about the ERA program, including the identification of funds available in your community, you can visit the CFPB website here.

To get help from a DMCC certified counselor, complete the application form below or call us at toll-free 866-724-3328.