Spring/Summer 2011

  Your Guide To Debt Freedom
   A Quarterly Educational Publication

Your Wallet: A Loser’s Manual. How to protect your money, your credit record — and your sanity — if you become a victim. Consider this: Your wallet is stolen. You immediately call your bank and credit card company to report the problem, close old accounts and open new ones. You even remember to call the Social Security Administration to notify them that you had your Social Security card in your wallet. At the end of the day, you feel fairly confident that the incident is behind you.   READ MORE

Overdraft Programs: Consider Your Lower-Cost Alternatives  The traditional overdraft programs, which may charge up to $25 or more to automatically cover purchases or transactions when you don’t have enough money in your bank account, are expensive and fees can add up quickly.  READ MORE

Fraud Alert: Text Messages, Pop-Ups and Downloads to Avoid. Be on guard against “urgent” requests and unsolicited “deals” on the Internet FDIC Consumer News has reported how criminals masquerading as legitimate businesses or government agencies have tricked consumers into divulging valuable personal information over the computer, phone or fax in order to drain bank accounts.  READ MORE

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