Letter from The Executive Director

Dear Client,

The new year has brought some great changes to DMCC.  One of those is our new location in beautiful Lighthouse Point, FL. Unlike our previous location, our new office is a standalone building on US 1, a major South Florida thoroughfare and retail front.  This new location is also only five miles from the organization’s old office, making it an easy transition for DMCC clients, employees and vendors.

We are also pleased to announce that DMCC has been approved as an adopter of the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling (NISHEC).  As the economic downturn persists, many homeowners are dealing with reduced incomes and declining home values.  They struggle to avoid foreclosure, but navigating the system can be extremely difficult.  Housing counseling agencies can help, but it’s difficult for consumers to know which organizations they can trust.  The NISHEC can help make that decision easier.  NISHEC recognizes DMCC as an approved adopter of these standards and holds DMCC to a high standard of excellence, ensuring that consumers are provided the most consistent and critical information, advice and guidance.

Recently, DMCC was recognized by the Hometown News in Port St. Lucie, FL for its efforts in teaching students financial literacy. Focusing on teaching students the importance of credit and how it works, this educational program has been a part of DMCC’s mission since 2001. Our Education Department teaches everything from how credit is established to how to use a credit card. Our speakers make the presentation fun and easy to understand.  Administrators and faculty in the South Florida area interested in taking advantage of this free service should contact DMCC’s Education Department.  This service is also available for businesses that would like to offer educational seminars to their employees. To read more about this, refer to our Partner Programs.

We are always striving to make sure you receive the service and attention you need and deserve.  Whenever DMCC makes changes, we do it with you in mind. Furthermore, if during the process of becoming debt free there are particular financial educational topics that you would like to learn about, do not hesitate to inquire with us about it.

DMCC appreciates your commitment and we support your efforts to become debt free. If there is anything DMCC can do to serve you better, please let us know.


Phil Heinemann
Executive Director