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Previous newsletter topics:

Managing Your Credit: Free credit reports just a click away

When a Saver Marries a Spender, Every Penny Counts

If Your Debt is Discharged, Do You Still Owe It?

Changing Jobs? Careful with your 401(k)

Did you know…April is the start of Financial Literacy Month?

The Facts About Pension Advances

Tips for Singles and Couples Searching for the Best Mortgage



Last Year’s Topics:

December 2016 Newsletter

Use Your Tax Refund to Improve Your Credit Scores

Budgeting Basics



November 2016 Newsletter

Establishing or Rebuilding Credit Scores: Options for Moving Forward

How Can I Minimize the Chance of Being Upside Down on a Car Loan?

Holiday Spending Tips


September 2016 Newsletter

Can Automatic Payments for Your Bills Affect Your Savings Account?

Mistakes People Make at Different Ages

7 Simple Ways to Sidestep a Debt Trap


August 2016 Newsletter

What You Think You Know About Money, but Don’t, Can Hurt You

Travelers’ Tips to Avoid Identity Theft

Spend smarter, do more, live better


July 2016 Newsletter

Consumer alert! Beware of Free Trial Offers on Products and Services
Teaching Children About Finances
Save While You Shop: ShopSavvy & RedLaser


June 2016 Newsletter

Thinking About Co-Signing a Loan? Proceed with Caution

National Do Not Call Registry

Apps That Make Saving as Effortless as Spending


April 2016 Newsletter

Free finance counseling comes to Patchogue-Medford Library

What the new Federal Reserve interest rates mean for the housing market

DMCC Award gift card for completion survey


February 2016 Newsletter

Beware When Searching on Google for Services

Long Term Auto Loans May Not be a Good Idea

Money Saving Tip: 25 Ways to Spend Less on Food


December 2015 Newsletter

What Advantages Does a Biweekly Mortgage Offer?

3 Things to Know About Debt and the Statute of Limitations

Tip of the Month:  Tax Season is Coming up. Watch out for Tax Scams


November 2015 Newsletter

New Mortgage Disclosures

Don’t Fall For This Chip Credit Card Scam

Tip of the Month: Write a “goodwill adjustment letter” for a past late payment


September 2015 Newsletter

How Can I Keep My Money from Slipping Away?

Borrowing From 401(k) Can Lead to Trouble

Breaking Ground:  DMCC’s Grand Opening of NY Branch


August 2015 Newsletter

The Consumer Perils of a Car Title Loan

Refinancing Your Home

Quote:  Good and Clever


July 2015 Newsletter

Can my Social Security be garnished?

It is possible to owe debts not on your credit report?

Did you know the difference between selecting debit and credit?


June 2015 Newsletter

Big Changes to Credit Reports Are on the Way: What it Means for You

Do it Later? Why People Procrastinate

Money Saving Tip: Auto Club


May 2015 Newsletter

Who Controls the Cash?

FICO Give Millions a Path Toward a Decent Credit Score

Did you know about the Rule of 72?


April 2015 Newsletter

Credit Improvement: How to Help Yourself

6 Things You’re Spending Too Much Money On

Establish or Rebuild Positive Credit with PayToo Secured Card


March 2015 Newsletter

Don’t Get Taken by Wire Transfer Scam

College Students Need to Worry About Their Credit Score

Establish or Rebuild Positive Credit with PayToo Secured Card


February 2015 Newsletter

Use Budgeting to Reduce Your Debt

What is the Real APR on PayDay Loans?

Loan Modification with FREE Assistance