Debt Repayment Options
(Options for the Repayment of Your Unsecured Debt)

This guide provides an overall  review of 6 major options generally available to consumers to eliminate their credit cards and other unsecured debts. Consumers struggling to repay their debts and looking for help, should find the reviews of Debt Management Plans, Debt Settlement Programs and Bankruptcy helpful in choosing the option that is best for them.

Personal Budgeting Booklet
(A Guide For Creating and Managing Your Personal Budget)

This educational booklet was designed to be a simple guideline that consumers may follow to create a monthly budget, particularly for the first time. It includes 5 basic steps to create a budget, including tips, forms and spending guidelines to help the user with the process.

Credit Counseling
(An Option for the Repayment of Unsecured Consumer Debt)

This guide provides an in depth understanding of Debt Management Plans as an option for consumers who need help repaying their credit cards and other unsecured debts, including requirements, benefits, and who should consider them.