DMCC delivers supplies to a unit in Iraq


Boca company delivers supplies to a unit in Iraq

Employees at Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp (DMCC), a not-for-profit corporation in Boca Raton, have donated much- needed items to the 46 Engineer Battalion, a Louisiana Army Unit. This Battalion is currently stationed in Iraq.

Employees have collected various items including hygiene products, clothing, food and educational materials, according to Jessica Stokes, education and resource coordinator for Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp.

Stokes said the drive came about after one of the organization’s clients who is in the 46 Engineer Battalion asked for help.

“He told us his battalion was in need of things. We communicated through e-mail and he made lists of what the group needed. Then we started collecting supplies,” she said.

Stokes said the company has collected over 100 items and made care packages for the troops. The care packages included, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, sun block, writing materials, socks, Gatorade and ChapStick, among other much-needed supplies.

“These are the things they will start missing while they are overseas and that they probably took for granted while they were here,” Stokes said.

DMCC also provided free educational brochures.

“These brochures will be disseminated to the battalion to assist our soldiers with any financial matters while they are away from homes and loved ones,” she said. “It teaches them how to handle their finances while they are overseas and tell their parents what to do why they are over there.”

DMCC’s mission is to support a different charity every month, Stokes said.

“Part of our mission is to provide our consumers with educational material to help them budget and also to participate in charitable events,” she said.

Pete Glocker, a DMCC employee, said he collected various personal items for the Battalion.

“They are in need of stuff over there and it’s important because they are over there fighting for our country,” Glocker said. “The educational materials also help their family members know about how to handle their finances.”

Stokes added, “It is the least we can do to show our support.  After all, they are fighting for this country.”

Stokes said the troops sent e-mails of appreciation.

“The soldier sent an email stating that every items will be used and they were greatly appreciated. He also mentioned that they were laughing because they couldn’t believe how heavy the package was,” she said.

Published Tuesday, June 13, 2006
by Nicol Jenkins

Nicol Jenkins can be reached at or 561-549-0844.