Non-profit organization brings gifts to Florence Fuller Child Development Center


Boca Raton non-profit organization brings gifts to the economically disadvantaged children of the Florence Fuller Child Development Center.

Boca Raton, FL – December 21, 2005 – Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp., a not-for-profit credit counseling agency, provided Christmas gifts for the children of Florence Fuller Child Development Center. DMCC employees participated in donating unwrapped toys and clothing to the economically disadvantaged kids. A party was held for the children with Santa Claus handing out the gifts, juice and cookies.

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Boca High gets a lesson in budgeting from local debt and credit counselor

PUBLISHED – The Boca Raton News – December 2, 2005Contact: Jessica Stokes, Education and Research Coordinator
jessica@dmcconline.orgBoca High gets a lesson in budgeting from local debt and credit counselor.

“Does anybody here have a credit card?” asked Jessica Stokes, to students attending a business systems and technology course. Boca Raton Community High School senior Dorothy Pierre- Louis offers a debit card. “My mom advised me not to get a credit card just yet, and if I did I should use it only for emergencies,” Pierre- Louis said. That was the message Stokes wanted to convey during the crash course in budgeting. Stokes is an education and resource coordinator for Debt Management Credit Counseling Corporation, a non-profit organization that counsels people who are in debt. During the hour-long class, Stokes discussed how to make a budget, how credit cards work, and how to avoid identity theft.

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