Thrifty Spending Issue 105

FEATURE ARTICLE:  Are you buying a lemon?

Buying a vehicle can be both a stressful and rewarding experience, especially if you plan on purchasing a used vehicle. Even if you get great financing and find the exact car you want with all the extras, there is still a chance that the car may not be as reliable as you hoped.  To avoid any future headaches, and empty bank accounts, be sure to do all of your homework first.



MONEY SAVING TIP:   Get your credit score up!

If you have good credit and you are planning to purchase a car or home, it  is well worth the wait and effort to raise your credit rating. It should only take a few months to correct your score and it could save you big money.




DID YOU KNOW…Fewer than 10% of all U.S. citizens nearing retirement have sufficient investment or retirement income to maintain their current lifestyle. 

Do you want to be in your sixties and still worried about how you’ll pay your bills in the coming years? Start saving for retirement as soon as possible to help ensure you’ll have the funds you need to afford that dream house.