Thrifty Spending Issue 105: Did you know…

…Fewer than 10% of all U.S. citizens nearing retirement have sufficient investment or retirement income to maintain their current lifestyle. 

Do you want to be in your sixties and still worried about how you’ll pay your bills in the coming years? Start saving for retirement as soon as possible to help ensure you’ll have the funds you need to afford that dream house.

Spending $5 on lunch every day or $3 for a coffee doesn’t seem like a ton of money at first, but think about it in the big picture. That’s $25 on lunch each week and $12 on coffee. Each year, that adds up to $1,300 on lunch and $624 on coffee, give or take a few dollars.

Track your income and expenses; this will help you understand where you can improve. Maybe you are spending too much on going out to eat or could be saving just a little bit more each month. Finding tools to help you track spending can be a great help in planning for a strong financial future. Check out these.

Living within your means!! This isn’t a punishment. Approximately 40% of families live off 110% of their incomes. Don’t become part of this stat. Learn to start living within your means, it will take a while to adjust but once you notice the financial benefits, you won’t be tempted to overspend.