Thrifty Spending Issue 100

FEATURE ARTICLE:    Do you have adequate coverage?

Do you own a clunker? Does it guzzles gas and makes strange noises.  What if you got into your car, turned the key, and it made no noise. What if you had to have it towed? Now you have the expense of fixing the car, plus towing it!

Did you know it is more expensive if the tow involves having to cross county lines? 8 miles of towing could equal $100.


MONEY SAVING TIP:  Is your lunch hour becoming too expensive?

Learn 7 easy ways to cut the cost of your lunch hour.

1. Make the lunch that you would buy

A lot of lunch options out there are things that you could make yourself. If you’re going to go out and buy a ham and cheese sub, make it yourself instead for a fraction of the cost. Salads are super easy to make, especially with pre-mixed bags of lettuce and a wide variety of toppings available.


DID YOU KNOW…that if your employer closes its doors, your 401k is protected?

When an employer goes out of business, your 401(k) plan doesn’t go down the tubes with them. The company doesn’t own your 401(k) and it can’t be used to pay their debts.