SLW Centennial Allied Health program teaches financial literacy to students

PORT ST. LUCIE — Recently, Governor Scott signed a bill mandating that high school students complete financial literacy training prior to graduating. Students from Mrs. Durkee and Ms. Higgins’ Allied Health Assisting classes at St. Lucie West Centennial High School in Port St. Lucie were ahead of the trend once again this year. Since 2007 these teachers have included this program into their curriculum providing their students an edge and making sure they had financial literacy education before they went to college.

Debt Management Credit Counseling Corporation, of Lighthouse Point ( supported these teachers and brought their educational program called, “Debt, Money and Credit Concepts” an online financial literacy training program to these juniors and seniors.

DMCC, a nonprofit corporation from Lighthouse Point, is committed to educating consumers on financial issues and providing personal assistance to consumers who have become overextended with debt and since 2001 have taught more than 12,000 students throughout Florida. Jason Athas, the Education Manager helped develop a 12-module financial literacy program, which was completed by each of the 80 students in the Allied Health Assisting class over the second semester.

On May 17 the classes had a visit from Athas and three very smart and surprised students were each awarded a $25 gift card for having the highest averages on their tests.

“I love coming to this school and teaching the students because they of their strong desire to learn about all of the financial obstacles they could encounter in their future,” said Athas. “Ms. Durkee and Ms. Higgins are great teachers that want their students to be prepared for the future. I also applaud the recent law Governor Scott signed to get our students financial literacy training before they graduate and debt management will support any teachers that want to use our program to educate their students.”


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 Pictured are the three top scoring financial literacy students from the Allied Health Assisting classes at SLWCHS — Jennifer Kiernan, Kedisha Christie and Michael Riley — next to Jason Athas from DMCC.