SafeIDLock Your Credit

In a matter of minutes, your identity could be stolen and you could face a long road of financial problems. This is actually easy to avoid with SafeIDLock. If you have already experienced identity theft, SafeIDLock will help you restore your identity.

Part of DMCC’s mission is to educate consumers on how to improve their credit and provide a prosperous financial future for themselves and their families.  One of the ways DMCC does this is by reviewing consumer’s credit reports. At times, our clients are surprised to find unknown credit lines on their reports. Some of our clients have had to struggle correcting their credit reports after being victims of identity theft. SafeIDLock helps eliminate all of this.   They will protect your identity by monitoring public and private networks and alert you of any suspicious activity associated with your name.  You will also be given access to monitor your own Experian credit report and view your credit score 24/7.

Be proactive and contact DMCC (866-618-3328) to speak to one of our certified credit counselors. They will discuss with you the plan available through SafeIDLock, so you can avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. It is safe and effective.