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Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. (“DMCC”)

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Lighthouse Agency, Inc.

Members, Employees, Families and Friends


DMCC is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Our goal is to provide you education, counseling and other services to improve your financial literacy and assist you in the management of your personal finances. All of our educational services and most of our counseling services are provided free of charge.  Other services are available to you at discounted rates.

If you would like a no obligation quote for a debt management plan to lower your credit card interest rates and monthly payments, complete our DMP Connect online forms here. If you are interested in other programs please utilize the application form below to request our services and ensure your discounts. If you prefer to call us first, please be sure to let our counselors know you are from Lighthouse Agency, Inc.

  Services currently available are as follows:

 FREE Services

Budget Counseling
Student Loan Counseling
Payday Loan Deferments
Foreclosure Prevention
Online Financial Calculators
Financial Guides and Brochures
Educational Newsletters
Online Financial Literacy Programs
Online Educational Articles

DISCOUNTED SERVICES for Lighthouse Agency, Inc.

Credit Score Analysis20%$49-$79
Debt Repayment Plans (Setup Fee)100%$50-$100
Student Loan Repayment Assistance20%$196
Online Homebuyer Course25%$60-$100
Reverse Mortgage Counseling Certificates20%$125
Bankruptcy Counseling Certificates20% $50
Bankruptcy Education Certificates20% $25