Thrifty Spending: Issue 60

FEATURE ARTICLE: Social Networking Sites Attract Online Criminals

Social networking sites are popular among consumers who keep in touch with friends and relatives by chatting online and sharing pictures, Web pages, video clips and other information. But computer hackers also visit social networking sites to install malicious software on network members’ computers, smartphones and other devices.

“By clicking on a link from a supposed friend who says ‘check out this awesome video,’ you may end up with spyware on your PC that can be used to access your online bank account,” said David M. Nelson, an FDIC fraud specialist.

To avoid problems, be careful about information you disclose on social networking sites, learn how to limit access to your personal information with your privacy settings, and be careful when clicking on videos, pictures and links.

For more tips, see recommendations from the Internet Crime Complaint Center

Article provided by FDIC.
MONEY SAVING TIP:  Some home improvements can reduce the cost of homeowners insurance. Something as simple as installing a fire extinguisher or a deadbolt lock can take a significant bite out of your insurance bill.

DID YOU KNOW…that you can go to college for free?  Through grants, scholarships, service in the military, work for school programs, tuition waivers through merit or need. Each school usually has some sort of program that allows for students to attend without having to pay full tuition. Do your research at the school of your choice.  If it is a state school, review what the state may be able to provide in order to make your scholastic experience a free one.