Pre-Discharge Education Course

Consumers who have already filed for bankruptcy must complete a personal financial management course from an approved provider and receive a Certificate of Debtor Education before their case can be discharged. DMCC has designed this educational course to meet the requirements of the bankruptcy code and give you knowledge that will help you navigate through your day-to-day financial affairs. We hope that the information in this program will broaden your fiscal education so that you may look forward to a bright financial future.

DMCC’s Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Course is a self-study course containing 12 separate lessons. The lessons are composed of subjects ranging from budgeting to credit, insurance and mortgages. The program features financial topics encountered on a daily basis and incorporates information to help you better your own finances. There is a small quiz at the end of each lesson to provide you some feedback on your understanding of the information presented and an evaluation survey at the very end of the course to enable you to provide feedback to us. You do not have to pass the tests to complete the course and receive your certificate. However, you must spend at least two hours taking the course to satisfy the bankruptcy code requirements. 

Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp (“DMCC”) is required to disclose the following information to all debtor students before the debtor student registers for this course:

Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp (“DMCC”) is required to disclose the following information to all debtor students before the debtor student registers for this course. Please read and acknowledge your understanding of these disclosures below.

To help cover the cost of providing this program for you, DMCC charges a fee. You may be eligible to have this fee waived. DMCC offers this course to debtor students without regard to a debtor student’s ability to pay.

DMCC serves all members of the community. DMCC does not engage in the practice of discrimination in the selection and participation of applicants in its programs or services with respect to race, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, color, gender, national origin, or handicap. DMCC provides services to clients with limited English proficiency, for languages other than the languages DMCC provides, DMCC is willing to work with client’s family members or friend of a client to accommodate the completion of the course in languages other than those provided at DMCC. Those clients who cannot understand English or Spanish and do not have family or friends assisting them, must provide a translator at their cost.

DMCC is organized and operates in accordance with Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Certified credit counselors employed by DMCC each has obtained and maintains certification from an independent accreditation organization recognized by industry regulators and creditors.

DMCC does not pay or receive fees or other consideration for the referral of consumers to or by our organization.

Upon completion of the debtor education course, DMCC is obligated to provide a certificate promptly. The certificate of completion will be needed if you filed for bankruptcy; and will be issued no later than one business day after the completion of the instructional course. You will need to provide DMCC with your bankruptcy case number for this certificate. DMCC is approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a debtor education course in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of the Provider’s services. The certificate of completion is valid for 180-days following the completion of the counseling. You will receive the required certificate only if you complete our counseling services and pay the appropriate fee, if any.

DMCC may disclose information to the United States Trustee in connection with the United States Trustee’s oversight of the provider, or during on-site visits, or during quality of service reviews.

The United States Trustee and the Bankruptcy Administrator have reviewed only the provider’s counseling and instructional services. The United States Trustee has neither reviewed nor approved any other services the provider may offer.

The counseling fee for both individuals and couples filing jointly is $25 for online or in-person counseling. There are no fees to generate your certificate once you have completed the course.

Fee Waiver Policy: Fees are waived if the Courts have waived your filing fee: No Fees Charged per case. Fees will also be waived if your annual gross income falls below 150% of the current year HHS Poverty Guidelines.

Written verification must be provided in order for fees to be waived. Send DMCC your court paperwork or complete our Income Verification Form and send this form to DMCC by fax to 954-208-1213 or email to

Fee Schedule

At or Below 150% of Poverty Level$0.00
All Other Households$25.00

Under penalty of perjury, I certify to the best of my knowledge that all of the information I provided is true, correct and complete and made in good faith. I certify that I will personally complete the pre-discharge bankruptcy education course. I understand that knowingly making a false or fraudulent statement or misrepresentation about my identity or completion of the course work is a violation of the requirements of Federal law.

I am filing bankruptcy voluntarily and no one is forcing me to file against my will.

Although a counselor may answer general questions about bankruptcy, the agency does not provide legal or tax advice. If legal or tax advice is needed, you should seek the appropriate assistance from an attorney or tax professional.

It is illegal for someone other than you to take DMCC’s online Pre-Debtor Education Course. DMCC will not issue a certificate if it is found that the person taking this Pre-Debtor Education Course is not you.

To proceed and register for online course, please complete the form below. After completing, you will receive an email with the required Enrollment Key. 

    I Acknowledge that I have read and understand the above disclosures.

    Due to COVID-19 DMCC is not taking in-person office appointments at this time.