Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. (“DMCC”)

is proud to provide our credit and housing counseling services to . . .

Housing Authority

City of Fort Lauderdale

Participants, Family and Friends


DMCC is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Our goal is to provide you education, counseling and other services to improve your financial literacy and assist you in the management of your personal finances.

We have certified housing counselors available to assist you in the home buying process every step of the way. Our counselors will explain the process and your available options in purchasing a home. If you want to learn all about the home buying process, we can help.

If you are struggling to repay credit cards, collection accounts, medical bills or even payday loans, we may be able to set you up on a debt management plan to lower your interest rates and get you a monthly payment you can afford.

Or if you just need to know what may be affecting your credit and how you can improve your credit scores, we can help you with that too.

Use the application form below to request our services and a certified counselor will contact you.

Purchasing a home is most likely going to be the greatest single financial transaction you will make in your lifetime