Debt, Money & Credit Concepts

Our current economy has many consumers worried about their finances.  The media has proclaimed that perhaps the homeowners that are or may face foreclosure in the future could have avoided this financial distress by educating themselves better before acquiring their home loans.  This is just one of the important issues that DMCC would like to cover with their educational program.

Below are just a few of the topics discussed in DMCC’s free financial literacy program, Debt, Money & Credit Concepts:

  • Creating a realistic budget. You may know how much your take home income is and what your expenses add up to, but if at the end of the day you still cannot make ends meet, it is time to create a realistic, workable spending plan.
  • Choosing a bank correctly balancing your checkbook.
  • Preparing for retirement. The fact is, it is never too early to start saving for this time period. Learning the best way to receive your money’s worth in this economy is golden.
  • Purchasing a home.  There are plenty of homes for sale these days and knowing just the basics on how to buy one, could save today’s consumer thousands of dollars.
  • Shopping with credit. Purchasing the necessities as well as those luxuries is so easy with a credit card.  Understanding what that unpaid debt adds up to and how it affects your credit is key to managing your finances for today and for your future.

All financial matters are easier to handle with the right education. It is not too late to learn these and many more topics and DMCC has certainly made it easy with this free financial literacy program.  It is a self study course containing 12 separate lessons.  Upon completion you will receive a certificate and assistance to notify the three major credit bureaus about your newly acquired financial knowledge.

Visit our website at and click on the link for the Financial Literacy Program. Register and begin to broaden your fiscal education so that you may look forward to a bright financial future. If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of this program, please contact us through our educational department and request one to be mailed to you.