Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Course (BC)

Consumers who have already filed for bankruptcy must complete a personal financial management course from an approved provider and receive a Certificate of Debtor Education before their case can be discharged. DMCC has designed this educational course to meet the requirements of the bankruptcy code and give you knowledge that will help you navigate through your day-to-day financial affairs. We hope that the information in this program will broaden your fiscal education so that you may look forward to a bright financial future. DMCC’s Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Course is a self-study course containing 12 separate lessons. The lessons are composed of subjects ranging from budgeting to credit, insurance and mortgages. The program features financial topics encountered on a daily basis and incorporates information to help you better your own finances. There is a small quiz at the end of each lesson to provide you some feedback on your understanding of the information presented and an evaluation survey at the very end of the course to enable you to provide feedback to us. You do not have to pass the tests to complete the course and receive your certificate. However, you must spend at least two hours taking the course to satisfy the bankruptcy code requirements. Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp (“DMCC”) is required to disclose the following information to all debtor students before the debtor student registers for this course.

  • The debtor student must provide Bankruptcy Case Number and Judicial District during course registration.
  • All DMCC instructors hold at least one of the following current certifications and/or accreditations, or possess equivalent training or experience: a state teacher’s certificate, certified credit counselor, or certified financial planner.
  • The online course is available to debtor students at any time via Internet access.
  • The course may be taken at the DMCC office location.
  • This course is offered in English and Spanish. Debtor student who cannot understand English or Spanish, either spoken or written, must provide a translator at their cost.
  • Debtor student information is not shared with any third party except if required or requested by the DOJ EQUST.
  • DMCC does not pay or receive fees or other consideration for the referral of the debtor students to DMCC.
  • The course fee for both individual and couples filing jointly is $10, whether taken in person or online.
  • The course fee is waived or reduced, if debtor student’s is unable to pay. Ability to pay will be based on 150% of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines. An Income Verification form must be completed by debtor student fees to be reduced or waived. Please complete the Pre-Discharge Debtor Education Income Verification Form and send to DMCC by fax to 954-414-9339 or email to
  • Once the instructional course has been completed, DMCC will promptly provide the certificate of course completion to the debtor student. Debtor student will only receive certificate if debtor student completes the course.
  • DMCC is approved by the U. S. Trustee office to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a Provider’s service.

I have read and understand DMCC’s disclosure. Please check off that you have read this disclosure. Be prepared to write down the enrollment key to register for the course. Please note, you will not be able to take the course without this enrollment key.


Payment Instructions Payment may be made by credit card, debit card or PayPal by clicking below:

 Alternatively, you may mail a money order or check payable to DMCC to the following address:Attn: DMCC Education Dept. 1330 SE 4th Avenue Suite F, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316