DMCC is proud to provide our Debt Management Plan services to…

If you and your BALANCE counselor determine that a Debt Management Plan (DMP) may be a viable option for the repayment of your debt, BALANCE will refer you to us for assistance. Our certified counselors will review your information and provide you with a free no obligation quote. You choose whether to enroll in the program or not.

Begin your path to debt freedom today!

   Reduce Interest and Save
   Lower and Consolidate Payments
   Stop Collection Calls and Fees
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Our debt management plan (DMP) can reduce your interest rates, stop collection calls and fees, and provide you one lower monthly payment.

DMCC collects one monthly payment from you and disburses it to each of your creditors according to an agreed schedule. While enrolled in our DMP, most creditors will also report your accounts as current to the major credit bureaus.

All standard DMP’s are designed to pay off the enrolled debts in 5 years or less. Learn More