Are you in debt trouble?

Signs that you may be in trouble with your debt!

The following are indications you have a debt problem:

1. You do not have any savings.

2. You make minimum payments on your credit cards.

3. You use credit cards for things you used to buy with cash, such as groceries.

4. You use increasing amounts of your total income to pay off debts.

5. You have more than two or three major credit cards.

6. After you pay your credit card bill, you increase your balance by the same amount (or more) the following month.

7. You are at or near your credit limit on your credit cards.

8. You count on the float in order to pay your bills, writing a check hoping that you’ll be able to cover it by the time it clears your bank.

9. You are unsure of the total amount you owe on all your debts.

10. You take out cash advances on your credit card to pay other bills.

11. You have tried to make a purchase with your credit card and been declined.

12. You have been denied credit.

13. You bounce checks.

14. You get calls from collectors.

15. You lie to your spouse or other family member about your spending, hide credit card statements or constantly argue with family members about your finances.

Here are some other warning signs that you might be piling up too much debt:

• You cannot pay off the bill in full each month. Even before you get to the stage where you’re only paying the minimum, there are warning signs. If you rarely see your credit card balance drop to zero, you need to start rethinking your spending/saving plan.

• You are charging because you haven’t got the money. If you are making purchases with your credit card because you can’t afford to pay cash for it, that’s a strong sign you are in financial trouble.

• You are near or at the limit with your credit cards. You have spent yourself into a corner, and the credit you need for everyday life is used up.

• You are suffering physically. Your brain is recognizing that your spending patterns are in conflict with your income and your anxiety level increases.

• You are running up unsecured lines of credit. Many institutions offer lines of credit or overdraft protection on checking or savings accounts. If you are utilizing these services on your accounts month to month, then you have a problem. Because these services usually have a cost associated with them, they can be costly every time they are used.

If you realize that you are in over your head, the sooner you act, the easier it will be to get out from under the burden of debt. Beware of companies that promise to fix your credit. Talk to a Certified Credit Counselor at DMCC today and start with a free budget counseling session  and get control of your finances today!

DMCC is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization committed to educating consumers on financial issues and providing personal assistance to consumers who have become overextended with debt.  Education is provided free of charge to consumers, as well as personal counseling to identify the best options for the repayment of their debt. To speak to a certified credit counselor, call toll-free 866-618-3328 or email