Thrifty Spending Issue 99

FEATURE ARTICLE:  Speeding Ticket? How to Fight for Savings

It’s a classic scenario: You’re cruising at 10 miles over the speed limit. You think you’re going with the flow of traffic when you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror. A few minutes later, you’re holding a $325 speeding ticket.


MONEY SAVING TIP:  Cool and Heat Your Home Efficiently

Cool your home at 78 F or warmer with the thermostat fan switched to auto. For additional savings, raise your thermostat to 82 F or warmer when you’re away.


DID YOU KNOW…That You Can Save by Asking for a Home Energy Survey?

Taking a free Home Energy Survey is a great way to find out the energy efficiency of your home. If you qualify, an energy xpert will inspect your home and provide valuable tips on how to maximize your home’s energy-efficiency, as well as…





Thrifty Spending Issue 98: Money Saving Tip

Many restaurants and stores offer consumers discounts if only they create an account with the merchant and agree to receive promotional emails and other offers, which could equal tons of junk emails.

“Today’s Deals” with Karla Bowsher from subscribes to 500 promotional emails and brands so you don’t have to. She creates and organizes lists of valuable coupons, promo codes, sales and freebies.  Click HERE to be directed to her webpage.


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Nonprofit Credit Counseling Agency Announces New Tax Debt Help Service

Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp ( a nonprofit organization (DMCC), now helping individuals repay income tax debts to the IRS. DMCC will prepare and file IRS forms to establish monthly installment agreements for 1040 filers as part of a debt management plan. Individuals needing tax debt help should call DMCC at (866) 618-3328 or submit an application on the DMCC website.

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